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Smoke and Fire Damage Repair

Fire-Damage-RestorationFire damage can be complicated to clean up. Even after the fire is put out soot can continue to damage the structure and contents. Water used to put out the fire can cause damage or even mold. This is why you need ServiceMaster Cleaning Services by AAA. We not only know how to clean up the damage but also how not to. Our team of certified fire damage restoration experts will assess the damage and work to restore it quickly. They have worked with thousands of customers. Feel secure knowing that we use professional fire damage repair equipment and products.

Can I clean the damage myself?

We suggest that you do not attempt any “do-it-yourself” cleaning methods without consulting ServiceMaster Clean. Pre-Testing, using the right cleaning agent for the particular item, mixing deodorization agents with cleaning solutions and using correct dilution rates are just some of the ways a fire restoration technician expertly controls the results. Professional cleaning systems and products used by experienced, trained ServiceMaster Clean Restoration Technicians give you the best chance of complete restoration of your belongings.

Can I turn on my heating and air conditioning unit?

We recommend that you not turn on your furnace or air conditioning unit without clearance from the HVAC contractor.

Are there items that I should keep in my possession if ServiceMaster packs out contents?

Yes. Here are some of the items you should keep, cash, checkbooks, medications, pets, valuable jewelry, weapons and ammunitions.