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Topeka, Kansas Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration

Fire damage in Topeka, KS

The cleanup process after a fire has occurred involves a variety of damages. The direct charring from the fire is the most obvious, but the soot and smoke that sticks to nearby surfaces also results in damages. Soot is a complex composition of materials that burned in the aforementioned fire and can contain plastics, foams, fabrics, carpets, wood or synthetic fibers. Breathing in these small particles can result in major respiratory issues, making it all the more important to call a professional for fire damage restoration services. Keep in mind that the longer you wait to call a professional to begin the restoration process, the more damage that accrues on whatever items the soot rests on.

Time is of the Essence

Within minutes of a fire being put out, damages are still occurring. All surfaces including walls and even kitchen appliances will begin to discolor. Metals will tarnish and mirrors will etch. Soot eats away on anything it touches, so call a professional ASAP. We’re on call 24/7 in Topeka, Kansas so that you can get the help you need when you need it.

Packout and contents cleaning in Topeka, KSComplete Odor Removal

If there are still odors lingering even when it looks as though all soot has been removed, it means there are still particulates in the air. Any remaining smoky odor indicates a respiratory health hazard and means the damage wasn’t cleaned up properly. When you call ServiceMaster Cleaning Services by AAA for fire damage restoration, we’ll completely remove any odors so that you know we did a complete cleanup job.

Only a Professional Touch Can Do the Trick

It’s crucial that you don’t touch anything after a fire. The oils on your fingertips and palms can compound the soot when you touch it, embedding it deeper into whatever materials it rests on. Never touch electrical appliances until they have been cleaned and checked. A professional technician should clean all items in the house that have been affected by the fire in order to restore them to pre-loss condition.

ServiceMaster Cleaning Services by AAA has the industry knowledge and the right equipment to properly mitigate fire damage in Topeka, Kansas. Call today!